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The first love of my life? Skincare. Skincare, skincare, & more skincare (and all things skin-related.) I immersed myself in the world of dermatology from a young age due to my own personal skin struggles: hormonal, cystic acne. It was the biggest struggle of my life that also became my greatest passion…

Hi babe, I'm Care
AKA The Self Care Nurse

 -Wondering if your hair loss will ever stop...

-Being scared about hair wash day, because of the sheer # of hairs you know you’ll lose in the shower.

-Not understanding why your hair loss is happening, & not knowing what to do about it.

 -Avoiding looking in the mirror, taking pictures, and going out because of how your hair loss makes you feel.

-Comments like: “Wow, your hair definitely looks thinner!”

-Hoping that no one notices how much hair you’ve been losing.

-Being anxious over making your hair loss worse, using the wrong products, or doing the wrong thing.

I became the Self Care Nurse rather than just Carolyn Clark, RN, BSN after attending nursing school and working in Dermatology. And I wanted nothing more than to teach women how to transform and love their skin, just like I did for myself. 

Because of this, “The Self Care Nurse” brand was formed. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge on acne solutions, hair loss, skin tips, self-care, Dermatology, showcasing beauty products I love, and more - with as many people as possible.

My hope has always been to be a unique resource; one that combines not only my knowledge of medicine as a nurse, but also what I’ve learned of natural health and wellness. I hope as you read, you become empowered and more in tune to what your skin, health, and soul desires. 

I believe self care is never selfish.

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My online course for treating hormonal acne.

Acne Killers Academy

take me there!

My online course for treating hair loss.

Hair Growth Goddess

Let's treat Hormonal Acne 

Let's treat Hormonal Acne

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